I’m a woman married to a Passive Aggressive man…and I’m lonely! I’ve been married for over 28 years, and have a wonderful family! They are my life!

I’ve decided to start a blog that deals with my life as the wife of a Passive Aggressive man, who also claims to be a Christ follower, like myself.

I love my husband, and for right now I have no plans to leave him, but it’s a hard life, dealing with his excuses and always feeling like I’m the one who is doing the work to hold this relationship together!

My husband had an Emotional Affair a few years ago, and I’ve had to deal with that, plus finding out that he’s PA! It’s not been easy!

And I’m a Christian, trying to find out exactly what God wants of me! And that’s the hard part! I don’t want a divorce, but I also struggle with living in a marriage where my H feels he doesn’t have to open up to me and share emotional intimacy, and yet, he attends church with me, claims to be a Christian, but doesn’t follow scripture, which tells him to love me, as Christ loved the church….this hurts me deeply and makes me feel very lonely!

So for now, I serve in my church and community, doing the things that fulfill me and make me happy!

So welcome to my blog….I hope you can find what you need here, to help you know that you’re not alone.





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