I’m getting divorced.

Yes, it’s true. My H and I are ending the marriage. Almost 31 years thrown away, because he couldn’t/wouldn’t work with me to fix what’s broken.

He’s now involved with someone else…deleted text messages from numbers that are non-voip numbers…anonymous, non traceable and when you call the number, it’s  out of service, and OF COURSE he has NO idea how the deleted text messages got on his phone! Go figure!!

There are other things that he’s hiding…charges on his credit card…he denies the charges….OF COURSE!!!! I recently found out about a secret bank account with $1,800.00 in it….he is a liar and a cheat. And I deserve better.

He’s had a chance to fix himself…and he’s obviously content with who he is, so that’s it. I’m done.

My children and I are doing well, considering. I’m so thankful that they are all older, and they see their dad for what he truly is. A liar and a cheat.

So that’s my news…. It’s been a hard 5 1/2 yrs since I found out about the affair, and the emotional abuse has been really hard to deal with.

I’m doing good… I’m involved in a support group that has helped me so much and I have several friends who are so encouraging to me, and are always there when I need them.

Divorce is NOT what I wanted….but living with a passive aggressive, cheating husband is not how I want to spend the rest of my life, and since he refuses to change…..it’s what has to happen.

I hope you’re all doing well….and here’s a small piece of advice…..If you’re married to a PA man….or a cheater….and he’s just stringing you along…get out. Don’t waste anymore of your time on him.

YOU are worth more then that!!!




11 thoughts on “I’m getting divorced.

  1. Congratulations! I mean that sincerely, getting divorced was the best thing I ever did and I’m a hundred times happier. I wish you well- and you’re right, a PA man makes your life a nightmare.

    • Yes, I can’t wait! We separated briefly and now he’s moved back home…it’s HIS house, HE’S paying the mortgage so he has every right to live here is what he said….sigh.
      I have no idea when he plans to file…I wonder if he’s waiting for me to do it? Hmm..

      • Hi- oh no. Be careful about moving out, I know of 2 friends who can’t get their exes to move out nor sell the house:(get advice!). Yes, I suspect he wants you to do it as he wants to remain the ‘good guy’ who has been ‘abandoned’. Hang on in there, it was the best thing I ever did. Be careful for your safety though. Good luck!

  2. I know you hoped for change. But this is the form it’s gonna take. And I agree with paescapee. This will be great for you and your kids. But I also acknowledge the pain and grief of the process. Here for you. You are doing the right thing, and happiness awaits 💖

  3. I just now read your post, and underneath it I sense relief, even though you are sad to end the marriage. I’ve been cleaning out my house, and it’s so difficult to discard useful, sentimental, and/or items you’ve used and treasured for a long time, but if they are broken and unfixable, they do you no good. Try and replace the broken memories with new and happier ones! All my prayers and wishes for your happiness, you deserve it!

    • TY Marsocmom…yes, I’m tired of living with the stress….and I’m part of an online support group and get a lot of encouragement from there, so I feel much stronger now…how are YOU doing??

  4. So sorry to hear that divorce is the only solution. I’m trying to work on myself and avoid divorce. I am exactly this type of abuser, Passive-Aggressive. But, I just recently discovered that! This book was written for women, right? No, it must be read by every man! It is eye-opening and revealing your very thoughts, as you read through the pages and see yourself on them. I am fully admitting my errors and am trying to change, for I love my family and want them all to be happy. Please see my blog: https://iamtheabuser.wordpress.com

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