My friend, Laurie…

Recently I met a young mom, married, two kids under 3 and she’s in a really, REALLY abusive marriage!

Her H is verbally abusive, and at has been, at times, physically abusive, and we both think he’s possibly a narcissist…and she’s afraid of him, big time!

She recently played a recording she secretly made of her husband when he was screaming at her, screeching, cursing and threatening her…it was awful!! I mean really, really BAD!!! I’ve never heard anything like it!

I asked her turn it off after 2 mins because it was so bad, I couldn’t listen anymore, and Laurie said that’s just one of many…

I’m trying my best to encourage her, and be her friend…her pig of a husband has isolated her from all of her friends….but he’s met his match with me….been there, done that, pig man! You aren’t scaring me away!

He told Laurie several weeks ago that I’m “not nice” to him….so now I’m killing him with kindness!

Yeah, I know how to play his game…I even joke with him, just to throw him off his game, so he doesn’t see me as a threat…and it’s working! LOL! He actually came and sat next to me at a party recently…and then proceeded to threaten anyone who hurts his daughter! This man is a sicko!

He has NO idea that I’m on to him, I act kinda ditzy when I’m around him…LOL! I put on the ol dumb blonde act…no offense to any blondes out there, 😉 but I let him think he’s the “smart guy” in the room!

Really though, if you knew me, you’d see how extremely funny that is, because I’m a very intelligent woman, and I’m NOT a blonde! 😀

I’ve studied abusers, I’ve educated myself…and now I’m using that to help Laurie gain strength so she can eventually leave her abuser pig of a husband.

Its going to take time, I know that, Laurie can’t see past the fear right now…but we’ll get there.

I’m going to use my experiences with PA Man to help other woman who are in abusive marriages…maybe this will be my calling in life, maybe I CAN make a difference.

Please pray for Laurie…she really needs it…and me, that I can be a great friend, and also help her to find the freedom she needs and deserves!