The PA Games!!

I need help figuring this out!

So if you read my post from a few weeks ago, when I wrote about our house reno and giving up my dream of moving to the country, you read that PA Man was totally against us moving….as in we argued over it for weeks….well, yesterday PA Man came home from a business trip and said “You know, maybe we should move like you wanted, we can sell this house once the renovations are completed!”

WHAT the H E double hockey sticks is going on??

I have to tell ya…I was NOT expecting this! PA Man even went so far as to show me a house that he’d found  online, right in the area I’ve wanted to move to!

He even mentioned putting in a swimming pool…another point of contention that we’ve argued over in the past…he’s against a pool, I’ve wanted an above ground, nothing expensive, and now…He’s talking about selling the house AND getting a pool!?!?

Of course, my PA Bull Crap Radar is on high alert!

What game is he playing now?

My thoughts are that because I’m now getting my dream kitchen….beautiful hard wood floors, (I’ve always wanted wood floors in the kitchen…BTW, he was initially against the wood floors in the kitchen, then he changed his mind….maybe) granite countertops and a new double gas oven…I LOVE to bake…and I’m also redecorating the living room and dining room and he now wants to move!!??

So my thoughts are because this is making me happy, and I’ve accepted that the dream of moving to a small farm in the country, was just that, a dream….well NOW he wants to move…to the country!!

UGH!! I told PA Man that I’d think about it…that I want to live in my remodeled home for awhile first…when in actuality I’d LOVE to move to the country…still…but I won’t let HIM know that!! Nope…I know how to play his little PA game…I’m now an expert!


10 thoughts on “The PA Games!!

    • Exactly! It’s a ….”She’s for it…I’m against it” mentality! PAs are crazy!
      He was talking about moving last night…and I mentioned something that I’d like in our new house, IF we ever moved….and right away his response was, “Why? You don’t need that…it would be better to wait in that!”
      My immediate response was “See? We haven’t even sold our house and you’re already fighting my ideas! That’s how it always thanks, I’ll stay right here!” He just laughed!
      Well, the last laugh is on HIM…because I’m content where I’m at…and I’m not moving unless “I” decide I want to move!

    • Oh yes…I’m QUITE sure it has NOTHING to do with what I want, paescapee!
      I forgot to add, when I questioned WHY he’s now decided that country living is a great idea….he said “Well, I didn’t want to move way out in the country like you were wanting, I need to be close to work..” AHEM!! The area he found the house in, is exactly WHERE I wanted to move to! It’s even on the same road!?!? What the heck is he talking about???
      These guys are a piece of work, aren’t they?

      • They really are. My experience, when I decided to ‘just live me own life’ and not keep trying to have an intimate marriage, was that his behaviour escalated. My theory is that me being happy and relaxed doing my own thing did not suit him; it feels too close and ‘warm’, he enjoyed the tension of my usual rage and distress. The good news was that his behaviour became so obvious, that he was trying to wind me up, that there was no subtlety about it and I then left. Don’t want to be too cynical, but please watch your back. Hope I’m wrong 😦

      • Paescapee…Yeah…you are right. His behavior has started to escalate…and believe you me, I am watching my back…I’ve started counseling again, and I’ve told the counselor about his escalating behavior…
        I’m going to write a post about what I’m seeing…it’s not pretty!

  1. He’s distracting. If he feels he’s losing you, he’ll act as if he’s giving you what you want. Of course, the time and excruciating effort to find a house will drain you of your determination, he thinks.

    You’ll be staying in the house you have now and he’ll feel he won. You’ll be exhausted and frustrated and he’ll be victorious because ya know he tried sooo hard to give you what you wanted. 🙂 Now go back to “normal”…NOW! 🙂

    Hang in there, the Lord watches over us victims.

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