I’m Feeling Sad…

A blogging friend has disappeared….PJ is married to a PA also, and I’ve followed her blog for quite awhile…and it’s been 3 months now since she posted….and that is not like her at all!

I have a feeling that something bad has happened…PJ had finally started standing up for herself…she was going to equine therapy…therapy with horses….and she really loved it…I was so hopeful that she was going to break free from her abusive husband and live a happy, contented life!

I just don’t know…maybe she’s moved out, and is starting a new life and doesn’t have access to her computer…or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part?

Anyway…it just makes me sad that she’s just disappeared like that…PJ wouldn’t do that, she has so many women following her blog, and we are all very concerned!

PJ…I know you’re signed up to follow my posts… So if you read this…please let me know how you’re doing…Please!!!


8 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Sad…

  1. Lonelywife,
    I feel the same way. I hate to say it, but I find myself thinking something bad has happened, too. It just doesn’t make sense that she would disappear without any warning or goodbye blog post. This is so hard. It was bad enough when Exodus disappeared last November, but now PJs? I know I don’t even know their real names but I feel like I lost two very dear friends. I don’t know when I’ll quit checking the blog. I still go there every day.

    • Same here Seeing the Light…something had to happen to PJ…she’d NEVER just disappear like this!
      At first I thought that maybe she’d gotten sick and was hospitalized….but it’s been three months now…so I don’t think so.
      I’m heartsick over this…I really am!!

  2. I feel the same way! I was checking her blog which made me check here as well! ☺️ Her blog was the first one I had found on PA behavior. It was such a huge blessing to me and brought so much peace and was like ointment to so many raw and open wounds. I was not happy someone else was hurting like I was, I was so soothed to know someone understood how I felt. It was like she was in front of me and leading me down the path I was on but she had gone down that path before me and cleared some of the way from me. She held my hand and helped me to not be too scared or feel so alone. I do miss her. It does feel like I have lost a very strong, encouraging, and wise friend. Please PJ, if you are there let us know. Thanks lonely wife for giving a space to write this. You have been a good friend to PJ and if she sees this she will know how much you care about her 😔

  3. It’s all so sad. I think about PJ every day. Like a lot of you, hers was the first blog I came across and it was a life saver. And then through her blog I came to know all of you. You group of ladies have been a lifesaver to me. I feel like we have a special sisterhood, and to not know what has happened to someone that we care so much about is heartbreaking. It just furthur shows what damage these PA men cause. They break us down bit by bit and trample our hearts. What has happened with PJ has been the last straw to me with these PA guys and the way they ruin lives. It’s just so sad.:(

    • It is sad, Wornout…and to think that PJ was FINALLY doing something about it…she was breaking free!
      I started counseling again this week…will probably write a post about it after my session next week….and PJ is one of the reasons I did, because she was taking care of herself, so I know I need to do the same, because things have escalated here in the last several months…
      I don’t know what’s happened to PJ…but I continue to pray for her AND her children…because if something HAS happened to PJ….her children, especially her girls, will now be left with their father…and that’s not good!

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