The PA Games!!

I need help figuring this out!

So if you read my post from a few weeks ago, when I wrote about our house reno and giving up my dream of moving to the country, you read that PA Man was totally against us moving….as in we argued over it for weeks….well, yesterday PA Man came home from a business trip and said “You know, maybe we should move like you wanted, we can sell this house once the renovations are completed!”

WHAT the H E double hockey sticks is going on??

I have to tell ya…I was NOT expecting this! PA Man even went so far as to show me a house that he’d found  online, right in the area I’ve wanted to move to!

He even mentioned putting in a swimming pool…another point of contention that we’ve argued over in the past…he’s against a pool, I’ve wanted an above ground, nothing expensive, and now…He’s talking about selling the house AND getting a pool!?!?

Of course, my PA Bull Crap Radar is on high alert!

What game is he playing now?

My thoughts are that because I’m now getting my dream kitchen….beautiful hard wood floors, (I’ve always wanted wood floors in the kitchen…BTW, he was initially against the wood floors in the kitchen, then he changed his mind….maybe) granite countertops and a new double gas oven…I LOVE to bake…and I’m also redecorating the living room and dining room and he now wants to move!!??

So my thoughts are because this is making me happy, and I’ve accepted that the dream of moving to a small farm in the country, was just that, a dream….well NOW he wants to move…to the country!!

UGH!! I told PA Man that I’d think about it…that I want to live in my remodeled home for awhile first…when in actuality I’d LOVE to move to the country…still…but I won’t let HIM know that!! Nope…I know how to play his little PA game…I’m now an expert!


I’m Feeling Sad…

A blogging friend has disappeared….PJ is married to a PA also, and I’ve followed her blog for quite awhile…and it’s been 3 months now since she posted….and that is not like her at all!

I have a feeling that something bad has happened…PJ had finally started standing up for herself…she was going to equine therapy…therapy with horses….and she really loved it…I was so hopeful that she was going to break free from her abusive husband and live a happy, contented life!

I just don’t know…maybe she’s moved out, and is starting a new life and doesn’t have access to her computer…or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part?

Anyway…it just makes me sad that she’s just disappeared like that…PJ wouldn’t do that, she has so many women following her blog, and we are all very concerned!

PJ…I know you’re signed up to follow my posts… So if you read this…please let me know how you’re doing…Please!!!

Renovation and Passive Aggression….it’s not a good thing!

This weekend was a bit crazy and that’s putting it mildly!

PA Man and I have decided to stay in our current home, and just do some upgrades and remodeling, primarily the kitchen, since that’s where I spend a lot of my time.

Let me back up….it’s been my dream to own a small farm in the country with chickens and ducks and maybe a cow that we can butcher for meat to fill the freezer, and a huge garden, etc.

Well that’s MY dream, not PA Mans, so you KNOW that he’s going to give me a hard time ANY CHANCE HE GETS…and he has, but then denies it, LOL, sooo typical….so anyway, I’ve shelved that idea, and decided to make the best of what I’ve got…A nice size yard in a very small subdivision in the suburbs, it’s not out in the country like I want,  but we do have a horse farm right behind us, and a small creek, so it’s close to a country setting and with that, I have to be content.

i already have some chickens, even though PA Man complains about them, again, no surprise there right? LOL!  I sell the extra eggs to friends and that pays for their feed, and I trade 3 doz a week to my sons piano teacher to help offset the cost of his lessons, so PA Man can’t complain TOO much! HA!

So the kitchen is torn apart, cabinets off of the wall, we have a flooring guy coming in next Monday to put wood floors down in the kitchen and up the stairs…and I can see PA Man is not handling it well at all….the only thing I can think of is that he likes order in every aspect of his life…and there’s A LOT of disorder in our home right now so maybe that’s driving him deeper into PA Mode??

So let’s go to Friday night.

I have a ministry that I run for my church…and PA Man helps me, because “I’m your husband I should be there to support you!” Yeah…whatev!

Anyway, he was complaining about this ministry…it’s too much work…why do we have to do everything…blah, blah, blah!

The crazy thing is, I do MOST of the work…he’s at his office all day, so I do what needs to be done for this ministry, so his complaining was really getting to me and I snapped at him, “Well stay home then! I can do this myself!”

Of course that would never happen! He has to be “seen” by others as the loving, caring husband…and short of causing a scene at church, there’s not much I can do, except ignore him, which I did!

I’m soooo tired of him acting like this….passive aggressives SUCK!!!  The next 6 weeks are going to be HARD!! Thank goodness he’s out of town on business this week…I need a break!

I am excited for my new kitchen…I bake a lot and I bought a gas double oven…a cooks dream!

My thought is that IF PA Man and I do end up separating….that maybe my reputation as a baker will help me earn a little extra money, I make some mean cinnamon rolls, breads and cheesecakes! LOL!

You never know what plan God has…right?? 🙂

Have a GREAT week!