Hello There :)

It’s been over a month since I posted…I don’t know why, just nothing much to say, I guess.

Things are moving along in this PA Life…And I’m happy, for the most part 🙂

I’ve  chosen the path that I’m happiest with, and for right now, it’s staying married to PA Man…I feel that this is what God is telling me to do…right now!

Recently  I was asked to be the Chairperson for a committee at our church…I’m really excited about it!

I just feel that God is opening these doors for me, and making my life full in other areas….since my marriage sucks! Also, I was asked to help out with another event at church, it’s just for one day, but it helps keep me busy and I love serving in these areas, so of course I said yes! 🙂

You know what’s really strange though…PA Man is NEVER asked to help out with activities at church and that’s kind of weird, since he’s there every Sunday, and most Wed. nights. All I can think is that God knows his heart, so maybe that’s why?

He has said things to me in the past…Wondering why he’s never been asked to serve on any committees…I don’t say anything, but I do wonder why he’s not asked, since he’s Mr. Happy Go Lucky at church and people really seem to like him….but you know what….you can fool people all the time…but you can’t fool God, NOT that I’m a saint…LOL, far from it! But God knows my heart, and how grieved it is over the state of my marriage!

Anyway, like I said, things are the same here. PA Man says he IS changing (he’s not) and that he’s not perfect, so I have to be patient.  When he says things like that, I just drop the subject, why argue over something like that? Those are empty words.

For right now I’m just doing what makes me happy. PA Man is asleep most nights by 8-8:30 and that’s fine by me! That means I only see him for a few hrs a day…and I can handle that!

I’m a strong woman, I always have been, and as my youngest son recently said to me, when he came to me about a situation and I told him to go ask his dad, “Mom, I’m not asking dad, you’re in charge around here, dad always gets angry and he doesn’t care anyway!”

Out of the mouth of babes…