The Exemplary Husband

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you know that PA Man “started” counseling back in Sept. I say “started” because he’s only been 4 maybe 5 times? He only goes every two weeks, and several times he’s canceled because of traveling for work…he could’ve rescheduled but he chooses to let a few weeks to by before he goes again….I know how this game works…he’s not fooling me 😉

Anyway, in his first counseling appt. the counselor sold him a book “The Exemplary Husband.”

I sorta thumbed through the book…I was not impressed. But I kept quiet, waiting to see what PA Man did with it…so far, since he got the book 20 weeks ago…he’s read 10 chapters…145 pages….about 7 pages a week! WooHoo!! Now THIS is a man wanting to change his life around, Right?? <insert sarcasm> 😉

Well, today I decided to dig through the book a little more…and to be honest, IMHO, it’s full of crap!

This book is written for men who are NORMAL….ya get that? Normal men who don’t have huge control and anger issues….men who sincerely want a relationship with God!!

Not passive aggressive men who are going through life living a lie!

So if this is what Tom, PA Mans counselor believes….we are wasting our money!

YES, PA Man NEEDS a true relationship with Christ….but as far as I can tell….it ain’t happening!

Oh, he TELLS me it is…but he’s not. I haven’t seen any changes in him…oh sure, he’s nicer now, a little “softer” maybe??

Things have been pretty calm around here…no arguing, getting along ok…

But in all honesty, I think it’s because I haven’t been pushing for anything in the marriage….just kinda going with the flow….staying quiet, keeping busy with outside activities…but I do wonder how things will be if I start pushing back, start asking for more communication, more talking about the past so we can deal with it.

His behavior at that time will tell me ALL I need to know and I’ve decided that I’m going to do that tonight, I’m going to ask him if we can talk and see where it goes.

I’m going to see if the changes are real…or fake.