God works in mysterious ways…

PA Man was out of the country for the last 6 days and a strange thing happened! His cell phone wouldn’t work!

He called our cell provider the day before he left just to make sure of the cost of using his phone while overseas and also to add a global plan that reduces the cost per minute…he did this when he went to Canada a couple of months ago so he wouldn’t have any problems.

So he gets to his hotel and tried to call me…and nope! The phone is not getting a signal at all! He finally called me on the hotel phone and asked me to call our CP provider to see what’s going on…long story short…the phone won’t work because of some weird reason…blah, blah, blah…

PA Man is beyond frustrated at this point, he will have to go all week with no contact from home, except a 10-15 minute phone call in the evening when he gets back to his hotel!

The company he works for doesn’t mind him calling home, they are very family oriented, and pay his cell phone fees anyway, but since we weren’t sure exactly how much it would cost using the hotel phone,  we decided to limit the phone calls so he wouldn’t have a $800.00 phone bill when he left!

Like I said, PA Man was VERY frustrated…and I can understand that! He’s in a foreign country, he doesn’t  speak the language, and now he’s  pretty much cut off from his family…

But here’s where it gets interesting….Before he left I asked PA Man to really use the time away to THINK about what he wants for his life!! Does he even want to be married anymore? Does he want a family? And if the answer is YES, then what is he doing to make that happen??

PA Man said he would, and I said that I would also be thinking about it…and that was it.

So now here he is…stuck in a foreign country on a trip that was supposed to be only 5 days long, but midweek he had to change his flight to include an extra day…and all along I’m thinking, “Good!! Maybe this will show him what his life will be like, alone with no one to call and without a family to come home to!!”

Yes, I was HAPPY that he couldn’t call me and talk for an hour or so everyday!

When he goes on his business trips he calls and chats and acts like we are the happiest married couple on the planet!! And it drives me crazy! He can’t talk to me while he’s here…but when he’s gone…he’s a regular Chatty Cathy!!

Anyway, he came home this weekend, and he sat down with me and he said he was miserable…and he really wants to work on himself and our marriage, because he didn’t like being cut off from us like he was.

I was cautious…trust me, I’ve been down this road MANY times with him…but he did seem a little softer, and when I didn’t respond all loving and gushing, he seemed to take it in stride.

I told him I just can’t flip a switch….that he has said these kinds of things before…and never carried through with it, and he agreed. But he then said this time is different….and I reminded him that he’s said that to me before also!!

And to give the man credit….he didn’t get upset with me, he looked me right in the eyes and said he knows he’s made a mess of things and it’s all his fault….and I didn’t disagree!

I did tell him that if he wants to try to repair our marriage that I was willing to try…again!! But that I need to see more from him… A LOT more!! So we shall see…He did make a counseling appt. before he left on his trip…so that was encouraging.

Anyway…that’s where we are today!

As for me….I’m busy right now planning a huge event for our church, so that’s keeping me busy! And we are going snow tubing this weekend! I’m looking forward to that! Woohoo!!

Cheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on “God works in mysterious ways…

    • Yes, same here DJ! He’s made so many promises in the past, so I don’t get my hopes up any longer…but maybe he’s finally realizing, especially since I’ve put boundaries in place…and stuck to them, maybe he’s realizes that he’s going to lose his family if he doesn’t make some needed changes??

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