And God Speaks…Part 3

So, yesterday I prayed and turned my husband and my marriage over to God….because lets face it, He has a better plan for me then I can even imagine! I have to stop trying to control things…and let God have at it, and I will admit, I haven’t wanted to do that..because it scares me! But it’s time, because I’ve lost all hope that PA Man is EVER going to change!
So this post was on Jen Hatmakers FB today….if you don’t know who Jen is, she’s an amazing Pastors wife out of Austin, Texas…a blogger, a mom of five, two of their kids were adopted from Ethiopia, and a woman who is trying to stop social injustice around the world! And more recently, she and her crazy fam were in a series on HGTV as they remodeled a old farm house!
So here is Jen’s post from today!

“Just a quick morning word to anyone who feels stuck and hopeless. I keep thinking about this phrase in Romans 5:

“…hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.”

A couple of things: Do not be ashamed to hope. There is no shame in banking on God’s love to prevail, His Spirit to win the day. That doesn’t make you naive or foolish; this has been poured into your heart. Hope is the believer’s response and gift. So go on and hope for that relationship to heal, that child to come home, that goodness to rise up in the midst of some horrible darkness. The Holy Spirit is pouring that very love into your thoughts, your feelings, your heart. Hope is our anthem and we can sing it in the dark before even a glimmer of light arises.

Two, “at just the right time.” When all seemed lost, when we had no power, no recourse, no way out, Jesus saved the day. The timing mattered. We had nothing. We couldn’t fix what was broken, bridge the divide, or engineer a Plan B. And that was the right time for salvation. So if you feel absolutely powerless, hoping for something you cannot control or heal, trust that Jesus always moves at just the right time. He is never late, even though it may seem way too late to you. It is NEVER too late for Jesus. Never. No relationship is too far gone, no loved one is too lost, no addiction is too deep, no heart is too shattered. If you are still in the dark, be still. Listen. Breathe. Learn. What is there to gain from this season? Because there is something. If you are powerless, pay attention because this is Jesus’ favorite timing. This is when he saved humanity, so it is certainly when He can save you.

Let hope rise, dear ones. It is never too late.”

Man!! Isn’t that great? And just when I have given up ALL hope of my marriage EVER being what I want it to be! And it might never be “fixed”….and maybe God IS going to send me on a different path…but that’s ok, I have to be willing to accept that…but I can STILL have hope in God, because he loves me!:)

I’m smiling right now…first Leslie Vernicks blog post and now Jen’s…I think God is paying attention…and I think he’s telling me…to trust HIM!!! So I am!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “And God Speaks…Part 3

  1. I remember that hope feeling. Usually, after he had done one more thing and I had once again read and ruminated and come to a place of acceptance and forgiveness and turned over a ‘new leaf” and thought is I changed my attitude to what was happening – then the situation would be easier to cope with and it would change in response. Unfortunately, he wasn’t doing the same. And I had many more of those just ”one more thing” moments, too similar to previous ones. I loved those periods of hope in my marriage. They felt good. In hindsight, they also kept me in my marriage years longer than I should have been. When I should have been protecting myself – I was protecting my marriage when he was making sure he was protecting himself. There seems to be only three ways out of these marriages – getting to a place where no more hope is possible, being hurt so badly for so long by thousands of paper cuts, that you know that just one more time will wipe you out completely and ending it for self preservation (my way) or him leaving. Good luck. xoxo

    • Bronze, you know, I understand what you’re saying…but you know what? I’m not hoping that God will change PA Man and save my marriage….to be honest, I’m not really sure I want that!
      But what I AM putting my hope in is that no matter what…God WILL see me through! 🙂 That’s all I have. Hope in God.

  2. My computer…broke?…went crazy?…who knows? When I got it back up and working I had lost all my bookmarks (favorites), emails, other documents, other files, and my printer doesn’t work!. 😦 After calming down and stopped whining 😀 I looked at it that God was telling me 1) don’t rely on material things, 2) time to start over, and 3) here’s something to fill your time with. 😀

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