Please watch this….even though it IS hard to watch!

I’m posting this, in the hope that someone will see this and recognize verbal and emotional abuse for what it truly is…

While PA Man hasn’t ever been this abusive…Thank God!! I do see and recognize subtle ways he has acted…

In the very beginning, as Fred comes in the door, he turns off the music Marie is listening to. She’s in the kitchen cooking, she’s enjoying her music, and he doesn’t even respect her enough to ask if it’s ok to turn the music off….I didn’t catch that when I first watched the video…maybe because it’s my life…PA Man does that to me ALL.THE.TIME!

The same with the air conditioning, the ceiling fans, etc…He walks into a room, and he shuts them off!
I’m going to speak up for now on and ask him to please respect me and ask before he turns off my music, fans, air conditioning!

Please! If you’re in this kind of relationship…look for a way to get out!

I found this on Her blog is wonderful, full of helpful advice, I highly recommend it!!


3 thoughts on “Please watch this….even though it IS hard to watch!

  1. My goodness, that was painful to watch.

    And you just know that he will make her pay later for wearing the red dress.

    The thing that has saved me is friends. I had one close friend, and she started pointing out the issues in my marriage years ago. She was kind, but direct. I later made more friends when my daughter became school age and got involved in a parent-run girl’s group. (Really, for the first 12 years of our marriage we made very few friends. My one friend I described above, and a friend who left the country about 2 years into our marriage, were it. We spent all holidays, etc. with his family. Sometimes we travelled to my family for Christmas. He hated it, but I digress.) My friends allowed me to see how other marriages run, that they weren’t like mine. I ultimately did not become isolated as so many of us do.

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