Uh Oh…PA Man is mad at me! :o

Just a quick post this time….

PA Man has retreated to our bedroom with a headache!  Now….I’ll be fair and admit that I wasn’t in a good mood when he came home from work, that was Mistake #1….

Our youngest son…the moody, hormonal changing one had been giving me trouble all day long! Like since the moment his feet hit the floor that morning!! Ugh!

So when PA Man called to tell me that he was on his way home from work, moody son and I had been having words, and I told PA Man that he needed to step up to the plate and help me deal with this, that I was tired of being the mother and father, etc…

So after PA Man gets home, I told him in a very no nonsense voice that he needs to stop taking the easy way out, that he’s supposed to be the head of this home, and not leave everything up to me!

And I told him since he’s not up to it, I’m going to start making decisions around here, for me and the boys…and the first decision was to talk to our Pastor…and tell him EVERYTHING that is going on in our family, and ask for his help with moody son!!

THAT didn’t go over well! Lol!

So anyway, of course PA Man says he IS the head of this home, and he’s doing “his part” by working and keeping a roof over our heads…what ever!

A few more things were said back and forth….then PA Man asked where the Tylenol was….I told him in our bathroom, he went upstairs….and I haven’t seen him since!! LOL!

I guess hearing a few truths about things around here was too much for him! And he missed a really great dinner….but the boys and I enjoyed it!:D

And I’m ok…it hasn’t upset me at all! I AM choosing to be HAPPY in spite of how he acts!!


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