Because Everybody Loves To Laugh!!

I LOVE the TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond…PA Man and I watch it all the time and it really makes me laugh, and we all know, laughter is like good medicine!

So anyway when I saw this particular show, I KNEW I had to find it and post it here!

Its 22 mins long, so relax and enjoy! Oh, and BTW, PA Man and Raymond could be brothers! They look soooo much alike!! Seriously! Except PA Man is now a little thinner on top, but years ago, EVERYONE commented on how much he looked like Ray Barone!!

I love the scene in the therapists office….how many of US have experienced that exact same thing??  Mr. Passive Aggressive disappears, and Mr. Good Guy arrives on the scene!!

And the comment about Ray wanting to be married to his mother?? Oh my word! How classic is that, since it’s pretty well known that PAs have severe mommy issues!! LOL!

Anyway, get a drink in hand and enjoy!!



3 thoughts on “Because Everybody Loves To Laugh!!

  1. I watched it last night, thanks for sharing. 🙂 I have to say I have tried to watch this show in the past, but never really got into it, and now I know why. I hope he isn’t this way in all the episodes! I just wanted to slap him. And he’s the good guy- everybody loves Raymond – it’s exactly the way it is .

  2. Marsocmom…he’s like that in just about every episode…I guess I find it funny because I CAN see PA Man in so many of the things Raymond says and does and I find it comforting, in a strange way, when his wife gets so frustrated…..maybe in a deep sense, I feel it validates me and what I feel at times??
    Or….Maybe I’m just a weirdo!! LOL!

    • I can understand why it’s comforting and validating, because you can see that you are not the only one putting up with behavior like this. I think it helps to laugh a little bit.

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