What great advice..from Madea!


6 thoughts on “What great advice..from Madea!

  1. I believe passive aggressive people come into ours lives to show us how NOT to treat others…and then we need to blow them away…like leaves…not MARRY them!!
    That’s our big mistake….we marry them! PAs do NOT need to be married! They are the kind of people who should stay single their whole lives!!

  2. I never realized my H is a pa!!! I don’t know if he’s always been a pa, bc if it developed after he cheated. I just always thought he was an azzhole! He would reel me in, make promises, wouldn’t keep them, avoid talking about it, walk out in the middle of arguments then act like nothing was wrong…

    • Halohalo….if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it’s a duck! Sounds like you have a passive aggressive on your hands to me! PA Man does the same thing. Just so you know!

      • We were habing it out the other night, in thr middle of “the discussion” he pulled the blanket over his head & fell asleep. The next morning he apologized but we still haven’t resolved it.

  3. LOL!!! Halohalo…that is SUCH a classic PA move! My husband closes his eyes, I guess it’s his way of “blocking” me out!
    Don’t forget we ARE dealing with an emotionally stunted individual…a man-child!
    I’m just waiting for him to one day stick his tongue out at me, like a 6 year old would do! LOL!

    • Oh, and I meant to add…he will NEVER resolve it….they never do! They act like it never happened and go on with their lives, while we go over it in our minds, and get more and more frustrated!

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